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Are You A Poll Worker for the Georgia Runoff?

Are You A Poll Worker for the GA Runoff?

If you are confirmed to work the polls during the Georgia Runoff on January 5, 2021, we NEED YOU for the Georgia Poll Tapes Project. We are asking poll workers and anyone else to volunteer to photograph or video record voting machine poll (results) tapes that get posted after the locations close. The videos/photos are uploaded immediately to databases for analysis later for discrepancies between the precinct totals and the totals reported by the state. Discrepancies indicate error or manipulation of vote counts and could be key evidence in an election challenge. Sign up today to volunteer and help us with this important initiative. The Georgia Poll Tapes Project is sponsored by Scrutineers.org.

GA Absentee Ballot

Georgia Vote By Absentee Ballot!

How does it work? Georgia law allows absentee voting by mail and in-person. Because of COVID-19, we are encouraging voters to request an absentee ballots. Once you receive your absentee ballot, please fill it out and DROP IF OFF AT AN OFFICIAL LOCATION. Here is information on absentee voting in Georgia. Get Registered or Check Your Status!

Have You Check Your Voter Status Lately?

Have You Checked Your Voter Status Lately?

We want to make sure every eligible person is registered to vote. Get Registered or Check Your Voting Status!

Ex-Felons Off Paper Can Vote!

Ex-Felons Off Paper Can Vote!

In Georgia, once a person has completed all of the terms of their felony sentence, Georgia automatically restores the person’s voting rights. All ex-felons need to do is to register to vote. Here's information that will help you if you are an ex-felon in Georgia from the Georgia Justice Project. Get Register or Check Your Status!